• Laura Haber

    President at Claims Master, Inc.

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    Haber is an activist and a volunteer. She is an activist for the Women's March and Black Lives Matter. During election cycles, Haber frequently volunteers at the Democratic National Convention. Haber hopes her voluntary work will contribute to the development of a better society for her grandkids and future generations.


    Haber was born in 1966 in Bristol, Tennessee. She relocated to North Palm Beach, Florida, in 1977 and attended Howell I Watkins Junior High. From 1981 until 1984, she lived in Plantation, Fla., and attended South Plantation High School.
    She eventually relocated to Plantation, Fla., where she graduated from South Plantation High School in 1981.

    Haber earned her high school diploma in 1984. She was well-known in her hometown for playing the lead role in her band Laura and the Crazy Heart Band. In 1993, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper featured her band.

    Laura Haber is first and foremost a family woman. She is the grandmother of two grandsons and takes satisfaction in keeping actively involved in their lives. Haber now resides in Conifer, Colorado, where she continues to focus on insurance claims management.

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